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Technological Innovation in cleaning solutions!

We not only offer solutions for cleaning various surfaces, installations, pipes, tanks and gas washing, but also special products such as protective coatings, demulsifiers, absorbents and deep cleaners.

We supply to all sectors, ranging from the automotive to the food industry and also produce for private label customers.

The trust of our customers today gives us the basis to grow, together with them, at home and abroad. Belgian and some international companies also use our cleaning agents abroad, which means that we are not only active in Belgium, but also in various European countries and even in China.


A few numbers that speak for themselves.

Years of experience

TI Solutions Group continues to invest in the development of new cleaning technologies for the production of detergents of the future.


For over 25 years, our company has developed a solid reputation as a reliable partner in the segment of industrial cleaning products. The starting point for our operations was the tremendous demand for environment-friendly alternatives for the cleaning of factories, workshops, components, surfaces and facilities in the 1980s.
The Tristar organisation has specialised in the development and sale of cleaning solutions for many branches of industry: automotive, metalworking, chemicals, petrochemicals, shipping and many other fields. Tristar’s basic approach has therefore been developed in the last 25 years, and hundreds of innovative formulas are still in use today.


In 2003, our company set out on the path of independence. The reason for this decision was that we felt confident that as a fully-fledged Belgian company in our own right we could meet our customers’ needs even more effectively.

The decision to forge our own destiny has enabled our company to focus even more on developing innovative cleaning technologies, especially the detergents of the future.

A partner you can trust to solve all your cleaning problems!

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