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We have been working for years on developing new powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning products for the industry. We supply products for all sectors, ranging from the automotive to the food industry and also produce for private label customers. On request, we can also develop and produce special cleaning products for a wide range of cleaning problems, including the need for safer and environmentally safe cleaning products.

We offer very flexible formulas in which we develop an adapted or new product together with the customer for solving the cleaning problem. We adjust the optimum ratio of product and application to ergonomic, ecological and economic conditions.
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INDUSLINE (industry)

Indusline is the brand name under which a number of newly developed industrial cleaning products are offered that are particularly effective due to their unique innovative composition. All our products are biodegradable and ecologically responsible.

OIL & GAS LINE (oil & gas)

With our Oil & Gas Line, we offer a wide range of products that have been specifically developed for cleaning in the oil and gas industry. These products are specifically for the removal of sludge, cleaning of heat exchangers, odor control (sulfur).

DRY PRODUCTS (construction)

Dry Products has been on the market since 1948 with a range of specialties for construction and industry, which have been constantly improved and expanded over the years, resulting in a solid reputation. Download our Dry Products brochure with a complete overview of all products.


Under Brightline we supply products specifically aimed at the food industry that are suitable for, among other things, the cleaning of appliances, industrial kitchens, restaurants and production areas. All our products meet the strictest requirements and are in accordance with HACCP guidelines and legislation.

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